New Advanced Generation of BlueBird’s Micro UAS – MicroB

At the DEFEXPO 2018 exhibition, the company revealed its newest generation MicroB Micro-UAS

Kadima, Israel, April 2, 2018 – BlueBird Aero Systems – a leader in the design, development and production of Micro, Mini and Small tactical UAS and peripheral equipment – will reveal publicly the newest generation, enhanced performance, MicroB Micro-UAS, a micro UAS, providing unprecedented Mini-UAV capabilities in a Micro-UAV form factor, while maintaining its very competitive and affordable price, at DEFEXPO 2018, April 11-14, Chennai India, at Booth # 8.1.3a.


The new, enhanced capabilities, MicroB-UAS is following the footsteps of the mature, operational, advanced existing MicroB. The new generation weighing approximately 2Kg, farther pushes the envelope in the Micro-UAS niche providing unprecedented endurance of over up to 2.5 hours, advanced communication capable controlling the MicroB up to a range of 10 Km, providing airborne data relay and performing “Hot Swap” while transmitting HD quality imagery.

The new MicroB-UAS is designed for full autonomous operation, unmatched ease-of-use, and high maintainability. Equipped with gimbaled and stabilized EO(HD)/IR payloads, the MicroB can be autonomously launched from its hand-held launcher within seconds – even in a crowded urban environment or through a window, providing high quality video and images, with GIS information and automatic target tracking at altitude of up to 17,000 Ft ASML.

The new MicroB is intended to provide more for defense and HLS forces, Special Forces, first responders and security details of strategic infrastructure. Some examples for MicroB’s uses in the past were; saving lives of special operation personnel during a shoot-out in an urban location, locating suspects before intruding a heavily guarded refinery in a remote, insecure area and performing search and rescue missions following a major natural disaster.



According to Ronen Nadir, CEO of BlueBird Aero systems, “We are very pleased to reveal the latest generation, enhanced MicroB Micro-UAS to the public. The new generation MicroB is the result of the operational experience gained by BlueBird’s and its international customers, and was designed to extend the capabilities to meet end users future challenges – Today!

This UAS is the result of a significant investment in research and development, designed to bring to the market a cost-effective, reliable, high performance product that successfully handles the missions associated with the modern battlefield, the HLS requirements, as well as with the commercial market.”   He continued, “We will present a range of solutions in the areas of micro, mini and Small UAS, and invite everyone who wants to unleash the true power of UAVs to visit our booth and learn more about our advantages and capabilities.”