SpyLite UAS was very active over Gaza – Press Release

The SpyLite mini UAS, manufactured by Israeli UAS manufacturer BlueBird Aero Systems, has played an important role in the war-on-terror during operations “Brother’s Keeper” and “Protective Edge” this summer.
The fact that the SpyLite UAS, was operated heavily in these operations has been revealed only recently. It’s the first time the Israel Defense establishment confirms that other UAS were used alongside the UAS operated by the Israeli Air-Force (Heron 1 and Hermes -450) and the Skylark operated by the ground units.

In those recent operations, the SpyLite UAS operated by small crews, around the clock, in different locations and in harsh environmental conditions, and logged over 700 high tempo, operational sorties of over 3 hours each proving high reliability, high availability and cost-effective operations, providing invaluable, covert, real time, life-saving intelligence to the Israeli forces.

The accumulated operational experience in the two operations brought the SpyLite to exceed the mark of 10,000 operational flight hours.

The SpyLite Mini UAV provides 3-4 hours of mission time, with an impressive control range of up to 80Km. The SpyLite is in service since 2006, and was already delivered to many customers around the world.