UAVs application

Border Monitoring

Keep your borders sercure
around the clock

Whether for land or sea frontiers, with their extended range and long-endurance BlueBird UASs provide effective 24/7 land and sea border monitoring to detect, identify, intercept & prevent illegal border crossings into and out of the country, terrorism, sabotage, illegal immigration and the smuggling of contraband, while protecting national resources.

Cost-effective day/night real-time video surveillance of river, land and sea frontiers
Enhanced data integration for improved inter-agency cooperation and intel sharing
Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) in severe weather and extreme terrain
Various payloads and capabilities for diverse missions
Non-visible observation and supervision for “open borders”
Automatic pinpoint vertical takeoff and accurate landing in confined urban areas with no need for a prepared area
Persistent, covert operation with low acoustic, and visual signatures
Enhanced data integration for improved inter-agency collaboration and intel sharing
Improved situational awareness; operational flexibility
Improved handling of public disorders – protests, riots and hooliganism – crime, gang activities and HAZMAT situations for improved public safety
Real-time monitoring to enforce crowd-size limitations and social distancing during COVID-19 pandemic