UAVs application

On-Demand Mapping for Near Real-Time Intelligence Operations & Civil Application

3D Hi-res Large Area autonomous mapping for wide-ranging objectives

Whether tracking hostile forces, Battle Damage Assessment, carrying out precision agriculture, monitoring oil and gas operations or detecting illegal land use, accurate near-real time mapping is essential. With unique day and night photogrammetric payloads, BlueBird UAS’s are deployed on autonomous missions to collect and automatically send data into 3D high-resolution analysis software. With high-quality RGB, multispectral and IR payloads, they replace manned aircraft in hazardous areas and complex situations.

Close Support for combat units
Target positioning for smart munition
Battle Damage Assessment (BDA)
Effective, efficient monitoring of crop health, growth, prospective yields and irrigation systems
Strategic management of livestock, crops, tree counting and land-use
Oil spill monitoring, mining surveys
Quick response for rapid decision-making
Easy transport and operation